Reparación de turbocompresores
Reparación de turbocompresores


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Diagnosis and repair of turbochargers

Turbocharger repair

Turbocharger overhaul

Turbochargers can be repaired (if the condition of the component allows) or rebuilt.

This process is carried out in our workshops,

Reconditioned parts carry a 1-year warranty from Diesel Turbo Systems.

Turbo Repair

Verification of the state of the component parts

Replacement of parts that are not in good condition with new parts.

Turbo repair

The cartridge is balanced

Variable geometry mounting

Set assembly

Valve calibration.

Turbo Reconstruction

Replacement of all the parts that make up the cartridge

Replacement of variable geometry with new parts.

A rebuilt turbo has completely new cartridges and variable geometry.

Diesel injection systems

We have a wide range of original and re-conditioned products in stock. Injection pumps, complete diesel injectors and all diesel parts. Repair of injection pump and diesel injectors, at Diesel Turbo Systems S.L.

We are specialists in injection pump repair and diesel injectors.

In our laboratory we carry out the diagnosis by means of a digital test bench.

Once the diagnosis has been made, our highly qualified personnel will take care of the repair, whenever possible.

technical training

Technical training in turbo repair and in using the CIMAT turbo balancing and geometry calibration equipment.

Reparación de turbocompresores

Diagnosis and repair of turbochargers

TURBO RECONSTRUCTION, all the parts that make up the cartridge and the variable geometry are replaced by new parts. So a rebuilt turbo has a completely new cartridge and variable geometry.